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Originally I had planned to upload some wedding photos right onto the blog, but a) it’s so hard to pick just a few favorites, and b) I just haven’t had the time. Additionally, I’ve already clocked a few hours between editing and uploading photos to both Facebook and Snapfish.com for my mom, so if you haven’t already seen them on Facebook, you can check out the Snapfish album here. Plus, if you wish to order your own prints, you can do so right from our album! We have to give an extra special shout out to our photographer, Garry Kolb, who did so much for us for the wedding. Not only did he give us an amazing deal on photography, but he gave us the rights to all our photos on a cd so that we can have them printed wherever we want. Hence, the Snapfish love. That said, you can also order touched up versions of our photos through Garry himself, using his website. I am working on a photobook through Mixbook.com that, once finished, will be viewable online, and can be purchased by anyone. It’s my project right now, because God knows, with the wedding done I need something to occupy my time.

That something should probably be thank you cards. I’ve been so bad about doing them. Granted, “bad” still means I am well ahead of where I need to be. Apparently, as long as they’re out by two months after the wedding, it’s acceptable. I’ll definitely get them out before then. I imagine once we get back to Boston, I’ll motivate myself to do the rest while we’re sitting around the apartment with nothing to do. This weekend we’ve been busy preparing for the trip. So far we’ve got my trunk loaded with wedding and shower gifts. Once we get our other luggage stored in the backseat we’ll know how much space we have for additional gifts. But it does seem like we’ll get the majority of the things to Boston on this trip. Anything we have to leave behind Tylor’s parents can bring with them sometime when they come visit.

So yes, tomorrow we are embarking on our 2-day excursion east. I’m so glad we’re diving the trip into 2 days this time; while the drive is do-able, it’s not the most enjoyable 16 hour day. This time, we’re trekking through Canada and stopping at Niagara Falls. I’ve never been to either, so I’m really excited. And it’s waaaay better than Pennsylvania. We’re spending the night in New York, and then in the morning, we’re going to the Baseball Hall of Fame! It’s going to be great! Sort of like a second mini-honeymoon. And then we are back in Boston! Well, “back” for me, and Tylor will be moved. Temporarily at my current apartment, where we still have a lease for another week. But… on September 1st, we’ll be moving into our first apartment together! I. cannot. wait. (mostly to not have roommates anymore). :P


Blogging when I should be writing thank you notes. I’m just having a hard time motivating myself to do anything this morning, haha. Tylor is still in Kentucky for work, and won’t be back until later tonight; I have to go pick him up at the airport. Until then, I’m just kind of hanging out. I’ll force myself to do some more thank you’s today; I don’t know why I’m having a hard time motivating myself to do them this time around. With both of our showers, I had them all done the very next day, and I actually enjoyed myself. Maybe it’s because there are so many more of them this time? That, and a lot of our college friends have changed address (again) so I keep having to track them down to get their new address. But I do want to get these mostly finished before we leave for Boston, then get hung up on packing up my old apartment and moving, then school. I can do it…

So I promised a wedding recap. I’ll spare you all the boring, gushy stuff. The day was wonderful. We started out with breakfast with my parents, then Tylor headed out to golf with one of his groomsmen. My mom, sister, and I went over to the venue and set up the centerpieces and other decor. I expected it to take a few hours… it maybe took 45 minutes. I had so much time to kill, so I hung out with my family at their hotel for a bit and went to Starbucks with my brother (not sure how many people do that on their wedding day). As we were leaving it started to rain. It had been cloudy all day, but I kept telling myself not to think about it. It poured most of my drive to the hair salon. Even then I was shockingly calm. The optimist in me refused to even accept the possibility of a rain out on our outdoor ceremony  5 hours before the wedding was scheduled to start. For the time being, I had to focus on making sure my hair stayed dry after my appointment. I loved how my hair turned out. We used a metric ton of hairspray to get it to hold. The rain had let up mid-way through my appointment, leaving us with some pretty intense humidity, so my stylist went to extra lengths to make sure my hair would hold up as long as possible.

When we got there, I hung out in the reception hall to avoid being seen by Tylor, who was greeting guests in the wedding garden.

I got back to Tylor’s house, where snacks had been laid out for me and the girls while we got ready. My mom and sister, the other bridesmaids, and Miranda, our best woman, came over. We hung out a bit and nibbled on food before it was time to get ready. I slipped into my dress, touched up my makeup, and then we had more time to kill! I had anticipated a similar scene months ago – me sitting around in my dress, possibly in my parents’ hotel room, for hours, waiting to go to the venue. This wasn’t as bad. While we were hanging out, the clouds broke and the sun came out!! It seemed all my optimism had paid off and we were going to get to have our outdoor ceremony after all. I was ecstatic. While an indoor ceremony would not have been the end of the world, the wedding garden had been the thing that made me fall in love with the venue, and anytime I thought about the wedding before then, I would imagine the beautiful outdoor photos. I am so so grateful the weather decided to cooperate. And hey – rain on your wedding day is good luck, right? :)

Heading into the reception hall, I thought I saw Tylor coming out. I tried to hide behind my mom. Luckily, it wasn't him.

When we got to the venue, I hung out in the reception hall to avoid being seen by Tylor, who was greeting guests in the wedding garden. On the way inside, I thought I saw Tylor, so I tried to hide behind my mom while walking through the parking lot. Turns out, it wasn’t him, but hey – you can’t be too cautious, right?

We started the ceremony right on time. I hung back with my dad behind a massive fur tree on the edge of the garden so that we could see what was going on and know when it was our turn to walk down the aisle, while still avoiding being seen. We had opted for the traditional, groom-sees-bride-for-first-time-during-ceremony route. After all the bridesmaids and grooms had made their entrance, it was our turn. That whole next minute or so was kind of a blur. I remember Garry, our photographer, holding us up to snap a couple of pics of me and my dad after he had gotten Tylor’s reaction shots. But the audience, the music – all that, I didn’t even notice. It wasn’t even nerves, but pure excitement.

Tylor, on the other hand… a tad nervous. Haha! The man who can give off-the-cuff speeches on a whim was at times shaking slightly. It was rather adorable. I wasn’t sure if it was “ok” for me to reach over and touch him or anything to help him relax, so I didn’t, haha. He gained a bit more composure as we went on. Ray delivered a nice bit about forensics (public speaking) being about truth-seeking, and how that’s equatable to marriage. (Both of us being public speakers, this was a nice personal touch).

Then Tylor’s sister, Claire, read Robert Fulgum’s Union, a passage I came across months ago that I thought perfectly summed up us. After that, it was time to exchange our vows and rings. Tylor’s hand shook while he put my ring on my finger. Then I took his hands and gave them a little, “relax” squeeze. Haha. I had been afraid that I would drop his ring or something when it was my turn, but it all went smoothly. After the exchange, Ray announced us as newly wed, and well – you know the rest.







Hey, all! We’re back from sunny Jamaica! It’s been a crazy past couple of days otherwise I’d have blogged sooner. And since there is kind of a back-log, I’ll be getting you up to speed on things gradually, including wedding recaps, vendors reviews, and of course, everyone’s favorite, photo highlights. First, I need a couple of days to recuperate from our honeymoon! We had a wonderful in Jamaica last week. We stayed at the lovely Sandals Carlyle Inn in Montego Bay. Included in our cost was admission and transportation to the two other Sandals resorts in Montego Bay, Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Royal Carribbean. All were lovely and have their own flare, but we were glad we stayed where we did; while we enjoyed visiting the other two vibrant resorts for their beaches and dining, we preferred our more low-key, quiet resort as our “home away from home.” The parties and music are great during the day, but we loved being able to unwind with a nighttime swim every evening where it felt like it was just us, or nestling up in a hammock away from everyone else. When we wanted a beautiful beach or additional eating options, we headed over to one of the other resorts for the day. It all worked out very nicely! And the food was tremendously good. Breakfasts were pretty good (definitely bigger than what I’d have on a normal day), lunches were decent, but the dinners were just consistently fantastic. We laughed that we always ordered the most expensive things on the menu like fish, scallops, and lobster every night. But hey, when it’s all-inclusive, and you don’t have to worry about the costs, why not? Besides, we love seafood and that’s usually the stuff we would order anyway.

Highlights from the trip:

  • We got a free room upgrade, so a slightly nicer room and on an upper floor with a balcony that we could eat out on.
  • Bottle of champagne waiting in our room for us when we arrived.
  • The food!!
  • A ginormous breakfast in bed on our first morning there.
  • Getting a “candlelight” dinner right on the beach, just feet from the ocean waves our last night there.

It really was a wonderful time. Halfway through our trip, we were already talking about how we’d love to come back for a 10th anniversary or something, haha. But seriously, Sandals does a fantastic job of making you feel at home and catering to your every need. And what’s not to love about gorgeous beaches and open bars? ;)

So now it’s back to reality. Tylor is finishing up his last week of work. Tomorrow he drives all the way to Nashville to hand off the car to his replacement, then Google is flying him back here Thursday. I’ll probably have to pick him up from the airport. In the meantime, with him gone, I’ve got an excuse to get started on writing thank you notes for all our wonderful wedding gifts. I actually would have started them yesterday already, but I spent all afternoon uploading wedding photos to Facebook. I’ve gone on long enough for now, but in my next post, I’ll recap some moments from the wedding itself and share a few photos in case you haven’t seen them on FB yet. Until then!

We did it! We’re are officially Mr. and Mrs. Tylor Orme now! Yesterday was wonderful. Everything went off without a hitch, all our vendors were wonderful, and everyone seemed to have a great time! And we had something of a weather miracle, too. It was cloudy most of the day and then it rained for a good portion of the afternoon, which had me worried. (Note to brides considering an outdoor wedding; always have an indoor back-up option). We had our reception hall as a backup, and Tylor’s mom and her friend Kathleen had made us a gorgeous wedding arch for that purpose, which we displayed behind the head table anyway, but I really wanted to have the wedding in our outdoor space that made me fall in love with the venue in the first place. So you can only imagine my exhilaration when about 2 hours before the wedding, the clouds broke and the sun came out. I am SO grateful. It was a bit humid after all that rain, but our ceremony was shorter anyway, so guests weren’t kept out there for too long. Afterward, people kept commenting on how beautiful the garden was and how birds were flying through the area and such. (Admittedly, everything surrounding us was sort of a blur for the both of us, haha – I don’t even recall the recessional music). So yes, we got to have the wedding we wanted. Tylor was adorably nervous, Ray did an excellent job of officiating, and Claire did so well with the reading. And everyone loved the short ceremony. ;)

The reception was just a blast – we had a great time and so did everyone else  who I’ve talked to. I’m really glad we did the mingly, on-your-feet style reception we did. We got plenty of time to make our rounds to all the tables and actually talk to people. And I think the passed appetizers were a nice touch. Speaking of, the appetizers were de-lic-ious. Poor Tylor didn’t really get to any of them; his stomach was still in knots from earlier. Such a cutie. The cake was a slightly different design from what we talked to our baker about, but it turned out pretty good. Most importantly, it tasted really good. And our DJ was fantastic. I’m going to do reviews for all our vendors on The Knot and any industry-specific websites that they would like a review listed at, but I just have to brag about the DJ. The guy was just on top of things, kept the evening moving smoothly, and was awesome at playing songs that could be enjoyed by our age-varied crowd. That’s not easy when half your guest list is college-aged friends. He did a great job though!

So yeah, everything was pretty great. This morning we had brunch with our immediate families and grandparents, and opened wedding gifts, which was just a nice note to end things on. Then we returned tuxedos and collapsed for a few hours, haha. We both expected to be tired the next morning, but I don’t think either of us had ever expected it to last all day. Tomorrow we head to Detroit, where we’ll be flying out early Tuesday morning to Jamaica!! Then it’s a week of relaxing and… not having to plan anything! Haha. Best thing ever.

When we’re back in town, we’re going to sit down with Garry, our photographer, and talk about getting our wedding picture cd, which I cannot wait to see. Right now, a handful of pics have made it onto facebook; I’m sure more will creep up this week. I know a lot of our out-of-town guests took pictures, but they’re driving home today so won’t get around to posting things today most likely. But as soon as I get pics, I’ll upload some to the blog, or link to an album. For now, I leave you this shot, taken from my lovely new sister-in-law:

Well, well, it’s almost here… This week feels so weird. Tonight kind of kicks of the something-to-look-forward-to-every-night stretch, but the days just feel so ordinary. Like, I’m sitting around on facebook, walking around Target… what things are people supposed to do the week they get married? At least I was productive today. I took all the fake flowers and decor that Tylor’s mom and her friend were using to make us our beautiful arch. I haven’t mentioned the arch yet, I don’t think. We won’t be using it for the outdoor ceremony, but Tylor’s mom thought it would be nice to have something just in case the wedding got moved indoors (knock on wood!). It turned out very lovely, so at the very least, we’re going to find a place for it in the reception room. Maybe near the entrance for everyone to walk under? Not sure yet. They did a great job with it though so we’d love to show it off.

I also boxed up all the things we’ll be taking to the reception hall Saturday morning for setup: materials for the centerpieces, the guest book and sign, the vases and bouquet stand, etc. This way I’ll be less likely to forget something. I may also draw up a simple map of what will go where, and we’ll bring our mock-up centerpiece as a model for whoever helps assemble the rest. I’ll be there for most of that, myself. I’m waaaay too Type A to sit back and let someone else handle everything, haha.

In the vein of lists, I’ve been making lists for everything: what to bring to the ceremony, what needs to go to the reception room, packing for overnight, the honeymoon, things to bring to the rehearsal dinner. Among that list is a little something for the girls in the wedding party, my little thanks to them. I won’t reveal everything, but I have to show off the name hangers I made, because between the dinner and the wedding, I won’t have time. (Seeing as they get them Friday night, I don’t think it’s a big deal).

They’re wooden hangers with a wire that spell out each girls’ name. I saw the idea months ago on a wedding blog and was in love with it. I had considered ordering them from a seller on etsy, but I decided I wanted to do them myself. They’re not perfect (I’m new to crafts), but I think the personal touch makes them more… well, personal. Special thanks to my dad for helping me drill the holes in the hanger for the wires, and to my mom for making the pretty bows! I’ll give these to my bridesmaids and our best woman at the rehearsal dinner, along with a little something else. Hope you all like them!

Oh, we had our phone meetings with both our ceremony violinist and our DJ the other night. Both of them seem like great people to work with! I’m really excited about our ceremony music. We’ve got some fun music choices, and then she’s going to add some of her own choices to the mix. I talked to her on the phone, and Tylor talked to the DJ, but he sounded like a cool guy from what I heard of their conversation. What we like about him is that he’s apparently really good with varying about music for a mixed crowed. We have a lot of college friends attending, but we also have a lot of aunts, so striking a balance enough so that our relatives don’t leave the wedding remarking how they “hated every song they played” is important to us. This guy sounds like he knows to work with that, so that’s a big plus.  I think it’ll be a really good time.

Tomorrow my family gets into town, which is exciting. After they check into their hotel and get settled, they’re coming over to Tylor’s house for a barbecue. This will actually be the first time our parents have met, which may seem odd since we’ve been engaged for a year and a half, but that’s what happens when your family’s live in different states. Oh well. It’ll be a good time. Once my family is here, things will really feel real. Not that I haven’t been having the “Holy crap, I’m getting married this weekend feeling” all week as it is.

I had one of those moments yesterday when we went to Baryames Tuxedo to pick up Tylor’s tux. They had him try his on to make sure it doesn’t need any last-minute alterations. At first he came out in just the pants, shirt and shoes, which, whatever – but then he put on the vest and jacket and it hit me: how we are just a few days away, how handsome Tylor looked, and how excited I am for everything.

In a couple hours, Tylor and I are heading out for a date night at a nice restaurant – kind of a last “hurrah” before the wedding. It’ll be nice to relax, listen to jazz music, and eat some really good food to kick off all the exciting things this week!

Just days away now… filling the time with last-minute things. And trying to avoid piling on too many last-minute things so that our planned stress-free week of the wedding doesn’t become stressed. I was starting to feel it a bit when I spent almost four hours running around East Lansing today looking for bouquet holders for the head table. This was definitely an after thought. We had just planned on setting the bouquets down on the table, I guess. But Tylor’s mom has been telling me about some sort of vase/holder that someone had at their wedding. So I went to Hobby Lobby and a couple other places to try and find something. I had to ask an employee to sort of dismantle a display, but I ended up buying a bouquet stand. They’re apparently a fairly new item so they didn’t have tons of them out on the shelves yet. In fact, there were only 2, including the one I took. There’s my bouquet and the 3 bridesmaid bouquets, so that wouldn’t work for all of them. But then I thought I kind of liked the idea of spotlighting the orchid bouquet anyway, and then using the bridesmaids’ hydrangea ones as additional decor. I kept trying to find some type of holder for them, but had no luck. I did see these vases that would have worked really well, but Hobby Lobby didn’t sell just the vases – they all had flowers glued in them. No other place had them either, which was a bummer. After about three hours, I was finally pretty over this, haha. I ended up going to Michaels, where I knew they’d at least have small glass bowls. (Bouquets, being top-heavy, will tip a tall skinny vase easily, so a wider bottom is necessary). I said, “screw it,” and settled on three, textured bowls for $1 each. I think they’ll actually look nice with the more full, foofy hydrangeas anyway. And if I want, I’ll wrap some gauze-y navy ribbon around the rim and make a big bow.

A big dilemma I was toying with most of the day was the fact that we have three bridesmaid bouquets, plus mine… so I wasn’t sure how we’d arrange them on the table and still get kind of an asymmetrical look or whatever. So what I think we might do, is put two of the hydrangea bouquets at the head table – one on each end, with my bouquet toward the middle – and then put the third at the gift or escort card table, to add some decor there. We’ll have to coordinate a way to get the bouquet over there, but I’m sure we can work something out. I’ve got to see what Tylor’s mom thinks of the stuff I got anyway. I’m exhausted and want to say, to heck with it!

At Hobby Lobby, I found some adorable monogrammed, damask tissues. Black and white damask isn’t anywhere in our decor design, but a) they’re tissues; no one is going to see them but me and the people standing up there with me when I inevitably use them, and b) they were 50 cents, so how could I pass that up? And I will be needing tissues that day.